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I Need Help With My Pelvic Floor!

Remember ALL Women have a Pelvic floor. We do not just treat those ladies that have just had a baby. Our service is for ALL ladies experiencing any pelvic issues from nulliparous (No babies) to  those ladies further down the line after having babies or going through or on the other side of Menopause.

Women's Health Assessment - £100

Reviews - £75

We successfully assess and treat the following issues:

  • Pain or reduced sensation with Intercourse

  • Urgency - Bladder/Bowel

  • Leakage - Urine/Faeces

  • Constipation

  • Prolapse - Heaviness/dragging/ pressure sensation in the vagina.

  • Low back/buttock//pelvic/ coccyx pain

“My Pelvic Floor is weak”

“I wear a pad to exercise”

“Sex is painful”

“I still leak despite doing my Pelvic floor exercises”

“I have a prolapse so I am unable to exercise”

If you hear yourself saying any of these statements Please please make an appointment!
We can help you. 

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