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I Am Pregnant.

Pregnancy Assessment

Pilates Classes

Pregnancy Education 

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Pregnancy Assessment £75

For those ladies experiencing Back and or Pelvic Pain or any other pregnancy related issues that may be impacting the ability to remain active in pregnancy.


In this assessment we will screen for spinal and pelvic movement, Core strength and through advice, exercise and hands on therapy we will help to reduce/resolve your pain.

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Pregnancy Pilates Classes

Prepare your body in the best possible way for the challenge of labour and the beauty of birth. Our classes includes flexibility and strength work, pelvic floor training, relaxation and educational components to assist you through labour and prepare for the 4th trimester ahead. Our specialised Pregnancy classes in studio and our fully supported "Bump it Up!" Pregnancy are specifically designed to nurture our mums on their journey through all 4 trimesters and beyond.


Bump it Up! Online Pregnancy Programme


In Studio Pregnancy Classes



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Pregnancy Education 

What is Pelvic Girdle Pain?

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Vulvar Varicosities/ Varicose Veins in Pregnancy


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